Welcome: Center for the Developing Mind™

Children impacted with developmental and/or regulatory disorders often need a variety of services when it comes to dealing with their individual problems. How often have parents wished for one unified service center that approaches the healing of their child from a variety of different disciplines.

Dr. Esther Hess, a developmental psychologist and Senior Clinician for Stanley Greenspan, M.D., introduces a state of the art facility that addresses the specific needs that children have when they are struggling with challenges.

The Center for the Developing Mind™, a non-public agency within the state of California is a multidisciplinary treatment facility for children/adolescents with developmental delays and/or regulatory disorders.

Clinical interventionists including mental health, speech therapy, occupational therapy and educational support not only lend their individual support to a child’s treatment protocol, but they are available to combine services within treatment sessions. Individual Educational Plan meetings and case conferencing are also available.

Complimentary monthly presentations delivered by local developmental experts in their field to encourage community outreach and education.

The center is equipped with a variety of rooms designed to create the right environment for different types of therapy: occupational, educational, speech and language and more. Click here to learn more about our facilities.

Watch this Great Video About the Center!