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License PSY #16090

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Dr. Hess is a developmental pediatric psychologist, working in the areas of Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy/Development Delays.

An expert in her field, Dr. Hess has over 30 years of experience.

The practice is divided into two categories. One division includes dealing with child, adolescent and family work as it pertains to issues of crisis; divorce, abuse, affective disorders, depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compuslive disorders, school phobias and attention deficit disorder.

The other half of the practice is devoted to working with children and their families impacted by developmental delays, retardation, autistic spectrum disorder, pervasive development disorder NOS , Asperger's syndrome and learning disabilities as well as children impacted by acute anxiety disorders such as selective mutism. In addition to treating the affected child, psychoeducational support is given to the healthy siblings of the child (children), to the parents, grandparents, any additional childcare providers and when needed a specific school system that the child is attending in the form of individual, couple and group therapy; instruction is given both in Dr. Hess's office, the family home and the school classroom.

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