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Taking the Necessary Steps to help your Adolescent with Special Needs Transition into College

By: Esther Hess, Ph.D.

How do you prepare an adolescent impacted by autism spectrum disorder for college? While in high school, these teenagers likely received the continuous support of their parents, school personnel and clinicians. In college, that continuous support can suddenly decrease or even disappear. For many young adults, the absence of appropriate support equates with the potential for a floundering school year. 

Ask the Developmental Doc, November 2017: “The Challenges of Having ASD around the Holidays”

Dear Developmental Doc:

Our 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder last year. Thank G-d, she’s extremely bright when it comes to school, but basically clueless in social situations. Can you suggest ideas to help prepare her for my in-law’s annual Thanksgiving weekend? My husband feels we are obligated to go, but because our daughter is so socially inept, she typically ends up embarrassing herself and I feel like a failure as a parent!

Diane R. Santa Barbara, CA.

Dear Diane,

Using Spring Time Gardening as a Tool for Fussy Eaters

Dear Dr. Hess:

              My four year old son has autism spectrum disorder. Although he is relatively healthy, he is terribly picky when it comes to food choices. Basically, he will only eat about 4 items mostly milk and carbs and has never even gone near vegetables or fruits. Our pediatrician has suggested vitamin supplements, which my son hates. Can you recommend any creative ideas to get him to eat? I am so tired of having mealtime be a battle!

-Claire F. West Hollywood, CA.

Dear Claire,

The Multiple Questions Surrounding the Diagnosis of ADHD

By Esther B. Hess, Ph.D.

The controversy over Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), a neurological condition, includes concerns about its existence as a disorder, its causes, the methods by which ADHD is diagnosed and treated including the use of stimulant medications in children, possible over diagnosis, misdiagnosis as ADHD leading to under treatment of the real underlying disease, alleged hegemonic practices of the American Psychiatric Association and negative stereotypes of children diagnosed with ADHD.

Addressing the Growing Needs in the Lifespan of Persons Impacted Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Esther B. Hess, Ph.D.

On the invitation of several Senatorial and Congressional offices, Dr. Esther Hess, Mr. Allen Samson and Mr. Elliott Samson of Center for the Developing Mind, returned to Capitol Hill this last March, 2016 pushing an ambitious new agenda to better serve children and adults on the spectrum.