The Wall of Fame: Dr. Esther Hess meeting with Persons of Distinction to Better the Cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder

June, 2018: Dr. Esther Hess talking with Colonel Wesley Claire, JFHQ State Chaplain for the State of California, on the impact of autism spectrum disorder in military families.

May 2018: Dr. Esther Hess and Dr. Robert Koegel, of Stanford Medical School, together at the Help Group’s Advancement Conference for Young Adults with ASD.

May 2018: Dr Esther Hess and Barbara Firestone, the head of Los Angeles Help Group, meeting to discuss advances and job opportunities for young adults with autism spectrum disorder.

May 2018: Dr Esther Hess with Keir Gilchrist of the hit Netflix show Atypical

April 2018: Dr. Esther Hess with Jeffrey Frost, the president of Sony pictures. Sony was honored at the autism film festival AutFest in Beverly Hills California, for their support in presenting film and television shows positively presenting persons with Autism.

March 2018: Dr. Hess with Dr. Joseph Telushkin.

March 2018: Dr Hess met with Eric Bauman, chairman of the California Democratic Committee, while in Washington D.C.

February, 2018: Dr Esther Hess and Senator Claire McCaskill (Dem. Missouri) discussing her State's push to encourage insurance companies to cover special needs interventions.

December, 2017: Dr. Esther Hess and 'Big Bang Theory' actress Mayim Bialik, speaking together about the impact of her television show on the autism spectrum community.

October, 2017: Dr. Hess hosted Congressman Paul Cook (R. CA) at a recent presentation on federal spending and the special needs child.

October, 2017: Dr. Esther Hess met with Israeli Major General Amos Yadlin discussing the Israeli army's innovative program for persons with high functioning autism.

June, 2017: Dr. Esther Hess meeting with Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), discussing both the passage of the ABEL Act and the challenges of families dealing with an aging autism population.

May, 2017: Dr. Hess attending a performance of The Miracle Project with co-founder of the production, Elaine Hall.

April, 2017: Dr. Esther Hess of Center for the Developing Mind and Yudi Bennett, co-founder of Exceptional Minds conducting a Q & A on the transition concerns of young adults with ASD, with participants post the weekend screening of the movie 'Adam' at the Center.

April, 2017: Dr. Hess and Congressman Ted Lieu on a trip to Washington D.C.

April, 2017: Dr. Hess with Congressman Ed Engel of New York on a trip to Washington D.C.

March, 2017: Dr Hess with the head of health and education for Congressman Mike Doyle, head of the Congressional Autism Caucus

December, 2016: Dr. Esther Hess at the United Nations.

November, 2016: Dr. Esther Hess and Congressman Paul Cook (R. CA) at a political salon in Los Angeles discussing support for families providing long term care for adult children severely impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

October, 2016: On a trip to Los Angeles, Congressional candidate, Brad Schneider (D) Illinois, was part of a community discussion facilitated by Dr. Esther Hess. Multiple topics of discussion included concerns regarding appropriate housing and job opportunities for an aging autism population.

June, 2016: Dr. Hess and Congressional hopeful Jacky Rosen (D, NV), discussing the high incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Nevada.

May, 2016: Dr. Hess with an IDF soldier impacted by autism.

April, 2016: Dr. Hess at the office of Congressman Brad Sherman.

April, 2016: Dr. Hess with a view of the Washington Monument from the private balcony of the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

April, 2016: Dr. Hess in Congressman Meadows North Carolina office where she met with his Chief of Staff, Zach Enoch discussing the Congressman's involvement with early identification and early intervention of autism in his home state.

April, 2016: Dr. Esther Hess and Autism Speaks CEO Angela Geiger at Autism Speaks headquarters.

February, 2016: Dr. Hess had a chance to meet Congressman Albio Sires (D) from West New York, New Jersey.

November, 2015: Dr. Hess posing with Congressman Paul Cook (R. California) after discussing the concerns around group and independent housing for adults with developmental delays.

June, 2015: Dr. Esther Hess met with Congressman Eliot Engel to discuss recent clinical advances in autism research during his visit to Beverly Hills, CA.

April, 2015: Visiting with Senator Bernard Sanders

April, 2015: Discussion with the head of health and education in the office of Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

April, 2015: Discussions with the Health and Education advisor in the office of Senator Casey, Jr.

June, 2014: Dr. Hess is seen here providing information to Congressman Cook from California on early intervention strategies for children impacted by autism spectrum disorder.

January, 2014: Dr. Esther Hess and Dr. Temple Grandin are seen here discussing Dr. Grandin's key note address at the Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference in Glendale, CA.

January, 2014: Dr. Esther Hess and Allen Samson are seen here meeting with Congressman Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie, discussing Center for the Developing Mind's involvement in a congressional caucus on developmental delays scheduled for March, 2014.

September, 2013: Dr. Hess is seen meeting with Congressman Henry Waxman (D) CA, discussing Center for the Developing Mind's ongoing efforts to implement transitional strategies for our young adults with special needs.