Occupational Therapy Room

 “Leap Into Imagination”

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  • State of the art gross motor facility
  • Staffed by DIR/Floor Time trained occupational therapist
  • Crash corner designed to provide both quiet time and a chance to express imagination
  • Rock climbing wall built to increase developmental capacities by encouraging motor planning and problem solving capacities.

“The Ooey Gooey Room”

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  • State of the art small motor and sensory sensitive facility
  • Specializing in the treatment of sensory integration/regulatory disorder
  • Encouraging the use of play to overcome tactile/auditory defensiveness
  • Combining DIR/Floor Time and The Listening Program in session


    “Come Take a Taste”

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  • Using DIR/Floor Time to help overcome feeding issues
  • Combining the talents of a pediatric nutritionist and an occupational therapist to work on oral defensive concerns
  • Using play as a technique to create new emotional experiences around food

Speech and Language Therapy:

    “Under the Sea” & “Come Make A Wish With Me”

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  • Magnetized play walls and pastoral scenes encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to overcome speech and language obstacles
  • Using Movement in a swing to help organize a child’s receptive and expressive language
  • Social skills opportunities for young children as well as adolescents to work on pragmatic speech disturbances

 Educational Therapy:

    “The Learning Center”

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  • Multiple educational stations to encourage a child’s developmental capacities simultaneous to working on areas of learning challenges
  • Teaching staff working hand in hand with a child’s individual educational goals
  • Seating arrangements sensitive to a child’s ability to stay regulated and attend
  • Home schooling opportunities available